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I cleaned up the PCR reaction from Thursday and the nanodrop revealed:

  • 227ng/ul --> 85nM in 30ul (total of 6.8ug of DNA)

BstXI Digestion

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Adapter Annealing

Since I got a new bottom oligo with 5' biotinylation I will have to anneal a new adapter duplex.

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I only have SappBR so I will need to ligate the adapter to here first and then ligate this to the digested pALS.

SappBR-Adapter Ligation

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After purification:

  • ApBR:
    • 89ng/ul --> ~31nM -- ~2.7ug
  • DpALS:
    • 151.1ng/ul --> ~57nM -- ~4.5ng

ApBR-DpALS Ligation

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