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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!


Contact Info

Arun Stephen Rajkumar (an artistic interpretation)
Arun Stephen Rajkumar (an artistic interpretation)

I work in the Laboratory for Biological Network Characterization ( at EPFL, and am a biophysicist by training.


  • MS in Biophysics - 2008, Anna University
  • B.Tech in Industrial Biotechnology - 2003, Anna University

Research interests

  1. Transcriptional regulatory networks
  2. Cellular, membrane and cytoskeletal biophysics
  3. Mechanisms of bacterial infection and pathogenicity
  4. 'Exotic' bacteria


  1. Kolluru GK, Tamilarasan KP, Rajkumar AS, Geetha Priya S, Rajaram M, Saleem NK, Majumder S, Jaffar Ali BM, Illavazagan G, and Chatterjee S. . pmid:18023499. PubMed HubMed [Paper1]
  2. (


    Other paper(s) in the special hell called 'manuscript in preparation/under review'

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