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  1. Setup AgNP and AuNP synthesis reactions for SPI, WPI, Casein, Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein


  1. Used same nutritional proteins on 02/02/16
  2. Protein and gold stocks prepared fresh every day
  3. Ocean Optics UV Vis was used to record UVVIS Spectra of Casein AgNPs. The other machine broke and is unusable.
    1. Integration time= 10ms and Average =100.
    2. A water blank in the same quartz cuvette was subtracted from the spectra before running any samples.


  1. Reducing stock protein concentrations (and thus concentrations in reaction mix) to increase metal/protein ratio to spur NP formation as we saw protein aggregate and nanofiber formation in previous reactions
  2. using citrate instead of fructose as reducing agent
  3. comparing citrate to no citrate samples, with citrate as only variable

Detailed Reaction Setup shown Below (4 hours 80˚C, 1ml rxns)

' Tube # 2.5mM HAuCl4 (µL) 4.375mMAgNO3 (µL) Protein (µL) 10 mM Citrate (µL) Water (µL) Au/Ag:Protein Notes
14005600400no change
.5mg/mL Casein240056020380
grams weighed: 5.06mg34002000760
Stock: 10mL440020020740
-reduce from 2mg/ml to .5mg/ml returning previous working concentration50405600400all yellow soln, no particles
60405600400UV VIS
84005600400pink solutions w/ purple fibers on walls
940056020380pink soln with purple aggreagte on bottom
0.25mg/mL SPI104003600600pink solution w/ purple fibers on walls
grams weighed: xmg1140036020580pink soln with purple aggreagte on bottom
Stock: xmL124002000760pink soln with purple aggreagte on bottom
1340020020740UV VIS pink soln with purple aggreagte on bottom
-change from 2/9/16, reduced concentration from .75mg/ml to .25mg/ml140405600400No change 14-19
20400560040020-25 all pink solutions
2140056020380some purple aggregate on walls
.25mg/mL Whey Protein2340036020580
grams weighed: 10mg244002000760purple aggregate at bottom of tube
Stock: 10mL2540020020740UV VIS
260405600400No change 26-31
-change from 2/9/16, reduced concentration from .75mg/ml to .25mg/ml2704056020380
324005600400No change 32-37
0.25mg/mL Pea Protein344003600600
grams weighed: 10.38mg3540036020580
Stock: 10.3mL364002000760
-dissolve in acid instead of base38040560040038-43 all yellow soln, silver nanoparticles
3904056020380UVVIS on All
444005600400no change
4540056020380purple AUNPs
0.25mg/mL Rice Protein464003600600no change
grams weighed: 10mg4740036020580purple AUNPs
Stock: 10mL484002000760no change
4940020020740UVVIS Purple AUNPs
-this needs to be dissolved by base, particles float to the bottom500405600400no change
-Did not dissolve. We didn't add* try next week5104056020380slightly yellow
520403600600no change
5304036020580slightly yellow
540402000760no change
5504020020740slightly yellow


Figure 1: UVVis Spectra for Pea Protein AgNP Samples With and Without Citrate (synthesized on 02/10/2016)

Figure 2: UVVis Spectra for Casein AgNP Samples in Triplicate (synthesized on 02/10/2016)

Figure 3: UVVis Spectra for WPI AuNP Samples by Protein Concentration (synthesized on 02/010/2016)

-Only 2 of the WPI-Au samples with citrate formed nanoparticles, the WPI-Au samples without citrate formed nanofibers which clung to walls.

Figure 4: AuNP UV-Vis Spectra for our Red AuNPs (synthesized on 02/10/2016)

-This shows UVVIS Spectra for SPI-Au sample with lowest protein concentration tested and highest concentration of citrate. All other SPI-Au samples formed protein aggregate, fibers or both.

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