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Ferritin Success

I redid the ferritin experiment today with a good deal of success. I created another flow cell with the 1:10 dilution of ferritin in DI water, and left it in the magnetic yoke for an hour, allowing the ferritin to aggregate in a spot. Once again, this resulted in a crescent shape. Here is a picture of the spot on the flow cell:

And a little closer:

I was then able to move this spot to one side of the flow cell and break it up into smaller spots by leaving it in the yoke for a few minutes:

Then after carefully moving the flow cell in the magnetic yoke, I was able to isolate, and move one of the spots to a new location further down the flow cell:

I also took the time to look at the ferritin spots through the microscope:

When the ferritin is in solution, it is impossible to see the proteins. However, as shown in the above photo of the edge of one of the spots, the microscope makes it possible to see the ferritin as a collection. Through the camera, the ferritin appears as a heavily textured area. Using one of the conical magnets, I was unable to move the ferritin in the field of view of the microscope.

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