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Thermal Motion

It appears that there is some kind of thermal motion in my flow cells that I have to account for, and haven't so far. Friday, the possibility of drifting from a temperature gradient as opposed to a magnetic force came up. To test this, I have two emulsions, one with ferritin and one without.

Without ferritin:

With ferritin:

From the fact that there is so much drift in both of them to the left, it is clear that there is something going on that I need to get a handle on. As a note though, there is a point about half-way through the the film of the emulsion without ferritin where the background shifts. This is relatively quick in my sped up version, (where one second is a minute of footage, so it is not that quick in the real world). The large drops I believe are attaching themselves to the cover slip, and are just interfering with the optics.

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