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Processing Data

I've manage to finish putting together and watching the videos that I made form the cover clip flow cell. While it was not too noticeable on a typical flow cell, this new set up made it clear that the magnet was attracting the ferritin droplets. As a basis, here is the video of the ferritin set on its own:

This was captured over two minutes at 1 fps and played back in ten seconds. Obviously, there isn't that much movement in one particular direction, as expected from random Brownian motion. I was able to trace the path of some of the droplets to visualize the random motion:

Note there arrows are different colors as a way for me to keep track of them while working on the image, beyond that the colors don't signify anything special.

I then repeated this process for holding the magnet at the top of the image as close as I could without obstructing the view. Here is the film:

You can actually see the shadow from the magnet as the dark portion on the top of the image. Looking at the footage, it is clear that all of the droplets are moving upwards in the image towards the shadow/magnet. Checking the image and tracing some droplets, I was able to show that they were moving in a general upwards direction:

I printed out this picture, and I am slowly working through the image measuring the length of the arrows and the diameter of the droplets and comparing that to the width of the field of view, which is known. From that, I should be able to get a general feel for the terminal velocity and forces acting on the ferritin which I will compare to my FEMM model. Although, it is interesting to point out that the droplets are moving a little off to the left

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