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Project Description/Abstract

This paper focuses a new method of using data obtained from CT images combined with digital CAD and rapid prototyping model for surgical planning and this new application enables the surgeon to choose the proper configuration and location of internal fixation of plate on humerus bone during orthopaedic surgery. This paper presents the procedure for making a model of humerus bone using rapid prototyping technologies [RPT].The aim of this paper is to compare the metallic and natural fiber reinforced polymer composite bone plates used in humerus fractures. A 3D finite element model was developed to analyze the performance of both types of plates. This paper proposed on fabrication of natural fiber powdered material [like Sisal (Agave sisalana), Banana (Musa sapientum) and Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa1)] reinforced polymer [NFRP] composite plate material with bio epoxy resin. Instead of orthopaedics alloys such as titanium, cobalt chrome, stainless steel, and zirconium, this plate material can be used for both internal and external fixation on human body for fractured bone.In this research thermal stress analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] has been carried out on (Sisal (Agave sisalana) and Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) hybrid plate material and the values compared with manual calculation found to be good in agreement. This invention focuses thermal properties of natural fibers that are used for bone grafting substitutes which are now becoming a great challenge for biomedical engineers. This paper proposed suggestions of using Natural fiber reinforced polymer composite [NFRPC] as a plate material which uses pure natural fibers that are rich in medicinal properties like Sisal and Roselle fiber. The most important thing that the researchers have to take into account is that these step taken now, will help the mankind to develop and to have a more pleasant life.


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