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To perform a redox titration on HRP in order to determine the standard potential of this protein.


The procedure was taken from Dr. Hartings notebook.


  • The class data was collected and analyzed:

Image:CHEM571_09.18.13_potassiumHRP_Echem_REDOX_table.png Image:CHEM571_09.18.13_potassiumHRP_Echem_REDOX_graph.png


The percent oxidized was determined by using the absorbance peaks at 405.32 nm:

[(Absorbance Value for data point- Absorbance Min)/(Absorbance Max- Absorbance Min)]*100

  • where the maximum absorbance was assumed to represent 100% oxidized and the minimum absorbance was assumed to represent 100% reduced. The percent oxidized was subtracted from 100 to calculate the percent reduced.

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