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Biomaterials Design Lab: Spring 2014 Main project page
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  • To synthesize lysozyme-AuNPs.
  • Finish tests on 55:1 and 110:1 lysozyme-AuNPs as well as 100:1 BSA-AuNPs.
  • Image test results from last week.


Creating Stock Solutions of Gold and Lysozyme

  • As seen below, each stock solution was created following the calculations in the table.
  • Each solution was created using a volumetric flask and deionized water.

Synthesizing Lysozyme-AuNPs

  • As seen below, each solutions was created using the following calculations.
  • We made ten tubes of each ratio.


  • The 55:1 and 110:1 lysozyme samples consisted of pure fibers with variable added. However, the 100:1 BSA samples had no fibers before adding the variables.

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