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Gold Calibration Curve

For today's Lab, we took the atomic absorbance of the AA/ICPMS standard solutions made yesterday. We also ran the two gold nano particles that we made in the first week of class. A calibration curve for the absorbance of Gold was created using the absorbances from the five standards made yesterday. This calibration curve will also be used to estimate the concentration of gold in the nano particles and will allow to calculate the number of atoms per nano particle.

Here is our Gold concentration Calibration Curve:

Here is the class calibration curve for the concentration of Gold:

Table 1. Grubb's Test for Outliers

Concentration (μg/mL) Absorbance G- value

The table has the maximum G-values for each of the concentration. THe critical G-value for a 95% confidence interval is 1.67. From this we can deduce that none of the observations from the class data were outliers.

Using the group calibration curve for absorbance of gold, we were able to calculate the concentration of gold in our BSA-AuNP and Citrate-AuNP solutions.

Table 2. Gold Concentrations

Solution Absorbance Concentration (μg/mL)
  • The concentration of the Citrate-AuNP solution that was analyzed in the atomic absorbance machine was found to be 7.453 μg/mL but this was a diluted solution on the scale of 1/10. The reported concentration in the table is the concentration of the solution made in week one of the lab.

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