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Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis

The goal of this experiment is to synthesize citrate protected gold nano particles of 40-45nm diameter. Dopamine solution will also be made to synthesize Polydopamine coated AuNPs.


  1. Prepare stock solutions
    1. Dissolve HAuCl4 in water to have a solution of 10mM
    2. Dissolve 250mg of the citrate sodium salt into 25mL of water
  2. In a beaker mix 50mL of water and a volume of the gold stock solution corresponding to 1.214*10^-2 moles of Gold
  3. Bring solution to a boil
  4. Add a 0.5mL of the citrate sodium solution and reflux for 30 minutes
    1. Note color change from dark blue to red

Polydopamine Coated AuNPs

  1. Dissolve dopamine in 100mL Tris Buffer to have a 10mM solution at pH=8.5
  2. Mix 17mL of AuNP solution with 17mL of the dopamine solution
  3. Stir under air at room temperature for 1 hour
  4. Purify by centrifuging and then redisperse in water.
  5. Filtrate through syringe filters with cellulose acetate membranes with pore size of 1um
  6. Make 2 solutions.
    1. to be stored over night on lab bench
    2. to be stored over night in the refrigerator

Alpha-Method Nanoparticles

  1. A buffer was made using 0.3milimoles of acetic acid and 6 milimoles of potassium acetate
    1. The final pH was about 5
  2. A 10^-6M HRP solution was made using the buffer
  3. Make Protein-AuNP solutions
    1. A 10^-7M solution was made by adding 1mL of the HRP solution to 9mL of AuNP solution
    2. A 10^-8M solution was made by adding 0.1mL of the HRP solution to 9.9mL of AuNP solution

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