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Embedding problems at Wordpress

  • When I try to embed stuff in my new blog at Research Cycle Research, Wordpress swallows the raw html of the embed code. This seems to be a known bug, but right now, I do not have time to test the proposed solutions, so I will simply paste this one in here.

Revolutionizing scientific communication and collaboration

Such is the title of a presentation by Konrad Förstner that I came across yesterday when uploading my recent talk at the Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing 2010 to Nature Precedings. It was given in April 2007 at the Allen Press Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing Seminar but essentially contains all the elements of my talk, so I thought it might be good to bring them both on the same page. If you know of similar ones, please mention them in the comments, and I will add them in.

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