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Performed RNA extraction using the RNeasy kit. Measured RNA concentration on MCF7 samples as well as the older BT474 & BT549 samples.

RNA Concentration

Cell Line Transfection Timepoint 260/280 ng/┬ÁL
BT474no DNA24 hr2.07558.898
BT474KAH126-MV224 hr2.053278.071
BT474KAH126-MV224 hr2.052378.685
BT474no DNA48 hr2.058604.635
BT474KAH126-MV248 hr2.041211.429
BT474KAH126-MV248 hr2.056273.118
BT474no DNA72 hr2.056825.997
BT474KAH126-MV272 hr2.044334.982
BT474KAH126-MV272 hr2.044294.869
BT549no DNA24 hr2.046235.827
BT549KAH126-MV224 hr2.022102.534
BT549KAH126-MV224 hr2.039141.041
BT549no DNA48 hr2.042191.945
BT549KAH126-MV248 hr2.00372.571
BT549KAH126-MV248 hr2.029126.021
BT549no DNA72 hr2.05354.439
BT549KAH126-MV272 hr1.93698.815
BT549KAH126-MV272 hr2.038147.312
MCF7KAH126-MV224 hr2.051693.453
MCF7KAH126-MV224 hr2.046408.767
MCF7no DNA24 hr2.04456.589
MCF7KAH126-MV248 hr2.056346.299
MCF7KAH126-MV248 hr2.046295.214
MCF7no DNA48 hr2.051331.211
MCF7KAH126-MV272 hr2.066687.914
MCF7KAH126-MV272 hr2.052420.697
MCF7no DNA72 hr2.06522.581

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