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Meeting with Dr. Goodwin/End of the week

  • Well, I met with Dr. Goodwin at 1:30. We discussed several things and he specifically wanted me to make two tables of my endophyte cultures; 1) Bacterial Genus, total number of colonies in each seed, presence in tRFLPs, and numbers of types of isolates based on alignment of sequences. 2) Bacteria and the results of the biochemical tests, with standards included for each where possible in order to quantify results (ie. 1 mM, 10 mM, and 100 mM IAA gives these different colour patterns)
  • We also discussed growing corn out to check 1 or two generations of transmission through seed. He wanted to reduce artifacts by growing Canadian corn in Canada, and growing Mexican plants in Mexico. I disagree.
  • Took photos of GUS plant sections
  • GUS stained 4 day old seedlings of PopCTL1::GUS lines
  • Transfered Col, pom, Atctl2 SAIL, and SALK lines to 50 mM salt plates and put in short day incubator
  • Sent 48 well plate with Parvi 16S clones and a few more endophyte 16S isolates in for sequencing

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