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The Daily Grind

  • Had Sarah dip the potatoes she cut yesterday into either LB/chloramphenicol, LGI/G.azoto, LB/chlor/BAC 1A1, or LB/chlor/BAC 1O1. This was done in triplicate, and for potato explants in either PNCM with glucose instead of sucrose (same for all), PNCM + 0.1 mM chloramphenicol, PNCM + 0.25 mM chloro, or PCNM + 0.5 chloro.
  • cut up more explants for propagation
  • plated 96 BACs onto tricalcium phosphate plate
  • plated 144 endophtes onto R2A plate to check for overnight growth
  • figured out I only need sequences for endophytes 1G9, 2C10, and 2C11 so those were set to be sequenced
  • finished organizing sequence of clones for parvi clone library - likely introduced many errors through the manual optimization of sequence errors

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