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The Daily Grind

  • Photographed 5 day old plates : standards were all 50% serial dilutions. AHL was 10 ul of 0.01 mM (then diluted). Gluconic acid was 10 ul of 50%. Kanamycin (E. coli and Bacillus antibiotic) was 10 ul of 50 mg/L. Cyclohexamide was 10 ul of 100 mg/L. 2-3 butanediol was 10 ul of 100%. EDTA was 10 ul of 0.5 M. IAA was 20 mmols. Pectinase 10 ul of 8U/mg/135ul. Cellulase 10 ul of 0.1 g in 1 mL. RNAse A was 10 ul of 5.7 mM.
  • None of the BACs worked for any trait
  • left membranes soaking overnight, as I did for the O-CAS plates, and the antiobiosis and AHL plates.
  • The acetoin test was screwed up by rampaging Bacilli (hyper growth cause of glucose) so I inoculated the 96 well plates with glucose and will put them through the plate reader tommorow.

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