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The Daily Grind

  • At 12:30 going to do dilution plates of the 48 hour competition test. Have the same for tommorow (48 hours) and 72 hours. Will do 10000x and 100000x dilutions on R2A agar.
  • Extended BAC growth one more day. TODAY, going to pellet the cells (1M1+1N1, 1O1, 1O2, and 1P1), and resuspend in 1 mL of either LB or SOC (the TSB plus chloramphenicol and autoinducer will be kept and used as a treatment as well) and grown 48 hours. When plants are ready for cutting, they will be dipped in these treatments.
  • Doing VP test on transformations from yesterday to test plasmid ability to confer acetoin production capacity.
  • Jacqui quantifying results from plate assays on endophytes and entering them into spreadsheet
  • PCRing 2D5 to sequence gene later

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