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The Daily Grind

  • Well, I sectioned my arabidopsis grown under short day conditions. No mutant phenotype. Plants were big and healthy (well watered, not fertilized, with constant wind and 80 umol of light). I know the variation originally was some sort of stress, but probably not light. I will now try to plant a bunch of arabidopsis Atctl2 SAIL mutants in different stress conditions to see if I can get that damn phenotype. Will use Sunshine mix LA4 soil with no fertilizer (make double here so you can withhold water for some at the bolting stage), 15-5-15 at 200 ppm, or 15-5-15 at 200 ppm plus 50 mM NaCl mixed into the soil at the start. Will put them in 24 hour light 100 umol light, with a fan to blow them around.
  • Will try again to make a double mutant for AtCTL1 and AtCTL2, using Atctl1 as the receptor .
  • Making overnights of GFP tagged endophytes for glycerol stock
  • Double checking and ordering primers for transgenic endophyte study

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