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The Daily Grind

  • Went to field and cut some silk from a few plants with cobs: most Mexican varieties don't have. Got viable looking seed from Parviglumis and Mexicanis. Since the cobs were earlier than the rest of the nursury, gonna leave cobs of Pioneer, Cristalino, and Chapalote for use as wind pollinated out crosses. Mixteco, Jala, Luxurians, Nal-Tel haven't silked (several have tasseled though). Gaspe died and I will try planting a few replacement plants tommorow as seed to see where it goes.
  • First batch of sequences came in today from Gaspe and Mixteco.
  • Primers arrived for my latest iteration of the transgenic endophyte project. Did the PCRs with Phusion, at 50 degree anealing, 35 cycles and hope to include the PCR products in sequencing reactions tommorow.
  • Called about soil permit and its going to be ready as soon as Manish responds to the soil inspectors email

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