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The Daily Grind

  • Planted two week old arabidopsis (Col-0, pom1, and Atctl2[SAIL]) on Sunshine mix 4 suplimented with All purpose miracle grow at the concentration for indoor plants (two liters of fertilized water for trayful of soil). The seeds were germinated on either 1/2 MS media without sucrose, or with 4% sucrose: plants had developed small, complete rossettes by this point, and sucrose grown plants were dramatically greener than non-sucrose plants. This tray (4 plants per genotype, per treatment) were put in a percival growth chamber with 50 umol fluorescent light, 12 hour days, and 25 degree C all day long.
  • Did endophyte stuff
  • Was doing more cloning and made glycerol stocks of ACC D and alsS (from kp342) in pSB1A2. Since I was doing it in the pSB1A2 with GFP under PSBA, all autoligations fluorese! This let me see that the pDSK plus adapter may not have worked and I'm redoing.

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