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The Daily Grind

  • To do
    • try again to get potato cultures restarted (forced to use un-fungused BAC tests)
    • check pds sequence for restriction and redo its cloning into MI (from scratch - grow new MI in pSBA12 plasmid)
    • make presentation for lab meeting tommorow (and add in Mexico pics + future experiments)
    • contact Bernie Grodzinski about article

Article Title: Plant and endophyte relationships past and future: nutrient management

Topic: Microbes and plant technologies historic and future relating to nutrient management issues (e.g., N uptake and reduction).

I am hoping that each of the authors contributing to Volume 4 are being asked to step outside the box providing a comprehensive overview of both the benefits and limitations of the science. Since you are cognizant of the applied potential of technology we hope that you briefly comment on its impact on society and also how pressure from society has been affecting the objectives prominent in your area.

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