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Maize Endophyte Biofertilizers Main project page
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The Daily Grind

    • To do: Transform ligation from yesterday
    • To do: Gel of last night's PCR
    • To do: Do new colony PCR of all soil endophytes from growing new streak plate (using 16 ul volumes)
    • To do: make 100 mL overnights of Burkholderia and 1A1 for watering plants with
    • To do: Take overnights of 1A1, 1A3, 2A5, 2A10, 2D10, Empty BAC, and BAC 1O1 and resuspend in phosphate buffer to OD600=0.2 and OD600=1.0 for dipping, while some 1 mL OD600=0.2 plus 1mL of 1% agar will be poured into tubes for top layer treatment instead of dipping - update: none have grown significantly, but the spots on the dish have so I will spread these out more and use the colonies for resuspension.

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