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Maize Endophyte Biofertilizers Main project page
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The Daily Grind

  • To do: germinate 30 new pioneer seeds
  • To do: make liquid O/N cultures of pDSK-GFPuv tagged endophytes
  • To do: get some SpeI and do test digests on PSBA:ACC and etc plasmids
  • To do: Test overlays for siderophore, antibiosys, and auxin
  • To do: Do PCR for second rep of soil swap TRFLP
  • To do: Finish soil endophyte sequencing
  • To do: Start overnights (300 mL) of 1A1 and 2A10
  • To do: Get Sarah to make fresh tubes and media for potatoes (500 ml will contain 1 mg/mL L-Arabinose)

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