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The Daily Grind

  • Planted 6 cups of each genotype in each of the terra preta and iron subsoil innoculations. Put two seeds in each cup so I can weed these out later and ensure theres at least one healthy plant per cup (so I can have 5 biological replicates per treatment per genotype). These soils were 200 ml per cup of a 3:2:1 blend (volume in mL) of either iron subsoil or terra preta do indio and sterile sand and sterile vermiculite. Each cup recieved about 25 mL of autoclaved, distilled water
  • Found a pottery shard in the terra preta do indio
  • Sending sand, terra preta, and iron subsoil for chemical analysis of carbon, pH, phosphate, potasium, nitrogen, etc (tommorow)
  • As a control, I randomly placed 5 empty cups in the greenhouse among the others with some sterile, distilled water, in order to pick up dust and spatter microbes.

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