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Remains of the Day

  • Priotirty 1 - Grind up all frozen samples and prepare to send them on Monday to Montreal (did so for Tomtatoes from Feb 9 and Potatoes from Jan18 and Feb16; Tomatoes from Jan 25 were already ground).
  • Contact group in Montreal and let them know they will be sent on Monday
  • Plan, prepare and setup soil treatments for soil experiment on tomatoes. George suggests soil treatments could include Terrabiogen, Molasses, Fish Emulsion (at 2% - 2 mL/100g soil) and a blend of all these three. I might also be able to include the strenotrophomonas treatment. Also, he has 3 mustard meal treatments of a product called Biofence that need dosing. As a positive control, I could use steam heating (pasteurization). These would all be used to growth the same Heinz genotype in.
  • Pull tomatoes and evalute root phenotypes after growth in ashed soil.
  • Priority 2 - set up potato tissue culture assay to test different fractions of the IBR product. Likewise, try dunking seeds in different preparations of IBR and evaluating them for growth promotion.

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