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Remains of the Day

  • Some of the tomatoes planted in organically amended soil are starting to poke through the surface, though most seem slow and unhappy. The plants in autoclaved sand are all up and happily growing. I did crumble a lot of the soil yesterday and saw seeds in little fungus overgrown crypts, and in the cases of molasses, 1% tbg and fish emulsion, a number of pots appear to have no germination - the seeds might have been overwhelmed by necrotic fungi.
  • Doing the last realtime PCR today
  • Get/read some papers on biocontrol
  • Watch training video at 2 pm today
  • Address for samples:

Jeff Dangl, PhD. John N. Couch Professor HHMI and Dept. of Biology, CB#3280 Carolina Center for Genome Sciences Coker Hall Rm. 108 Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3280

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