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Remains of the Day

  • Have Jon do gradient PCR and fungal TRFLP
  • Do edits on soil swap paper
  • Plant more RST and Beaufort
  • Read biocontrol papers
  • Planted corn (82305 genotype from next door that I tested lastweek). So made 40% gum arabic, added 1.5 ml to a 15 ml falcon tube, added 7.5 or 15 ul of F4, FX, or TBG (making a 200X or 100X dilution) and then put 20 maize seeds into the eppendorf, shook around and let dry for 30 minutes on aluminium foil before putting 10 under Tilbury TVD soil in a petri dish with 20 mL water or 10 on filter paper with 5 ul of water to test for emergence. These then placed upside down in 25 degree incubator at 18:30.

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