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Remains of the Day

  • Went to mount Brydges and harvested 5 average plants per TBG treatment as well as taking 25x3 chlorophyll measurements per treatment. Back at lab, bulk soil samples were taken off the roots and tommorow we'll weigh biomass, measure height, and yield, as well as extracting rhizosphere and endosphere DNA for TRFLP.
  • George suggested I repeat tomato growth room trial so I can publish results (will use more of the Tilbury grafted soil to do that). Also, will be personally involved in harvesting rhizosphere and root DNA from Tilbury (grafted) and Leemington (organic amendmant) plants.
  • Haifung told me something about being on a grant with him
  • Gonna start overnights of different clones so I can start doing artificial/plasmid TRFLP.

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