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Remains of the Day

  • Figures for paper - (Fig 1 would be pics of vine decline field, root lesions, grafted tomatoes, and soil amendment) (Figure 2- yield results from grafted plants and amended plants)(Figure 3 - TRFLP results from field) (Figure 4 - TRFLP results from growth room)(Figure 5 - Virtual TRFLP results of untreated vs pasteurized soil with overlay of sequencing)(Figure 6 - Going over field data with real time PCR to double check our leads)
  • Streak out plates of potato bacterial isolates for the potato innoculation experiment on Thursday (did 96 well plating on R2A and TYA with glycerol 2)
  • Stephanie finished extracting DNA from roots and rhizospheres of the first (effect of different soils) Albion strawberry speedling growth room assay. Put into 96 well plate and frozen away for later. Also called Trial 1.

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