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Remains of the Day

  • Edited Australia report and sent it
  • Cutting up more potatoes for tissue culture - need about 150 more tubes
  • Stephanie found a great paper for us to develop the tomato disease bioassay - "Suppression of bacterial spot of tomato with foliar sprays of compost extracts under greenhouse and field conditions" by Jaber H Al-Dahmani, Pervaiz A Abbasi, Sally A Miller, Harry A J Hoitink in Plant Disease (2003)
  • Sent NRC TVD rhizosphere TRFL Psamples to Guelph for analysis
  • Extracting pertinent physically captured TRFLP fragments from the weekend gel. Went as far as ligating them to pGEM, but unsure about the quality of the A tailing (only 5 ul of liquid and I didn't do it with hot lid so there was evaporation)

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