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Remains of the Day

  • Ran last night's PCR testing 27F degen and 1492Rh primers on strawberry samples. All temperatures worked (see below) but it looks like 52 degree annealing might be the best. Gonna apply this to growth room trial 1 samples and run TRFLP digesting with DdeI - but will have Stephanie do this tommorow as she's conducted all the other strawberry trial PCRs.
  • Run OomF/OomR PCR on California PSI soil samples from January 21, 2013, alongside the sick arrugula root and rhizosphere samples, 5 Albion speedling rhizospheres grown on Brian's Pythium contaminated soil, and all 8 oomycete DNA samples we have (loaded in alphabetical order - Phytopthera capsici and Phytopthera infestans 23 - Pythium aphanidermatum, Pythium dissotocum, Pythium intermedium, Pythium irregulare, Pythium sylvaticum, Pythium ultimum). Used the Eppendorf PCR machine with the DavOom program, modified to have 56 degree annealing, 1:45 extention, and 44 cycles.

Image:July 17,2013Gel.tif

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