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  • to run UV-vis on 11.6mg p-sorbitol in Citrate Buffer in MeOH at temperatures ranging from 5°C to 50°C, with 5°C increments.


  • MeOH blank was run in UV-vis and Fluorescence.
  • 11.6mg of myoglobin with KCl in 20mL 0.01M pH 3 citrate buffer (evaporated) made January 30th was run in UV-vis and Fluorescence.
  • The data was analyzed and compared to the data from January 30th. To find that the UV-vis absorbance was the same, but the Fluorescence had a greater intensity.
  • UV-vis from 02/26/2013 and 01/30/2013:

  • Fluorescence from 02/26/2013 and 01/30/2013:

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