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Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb Catalyst in Hexane Suspension

The procedurefor the reaction of OPD and H2O2 was followed using a Mb/Tris and Mb/Citrate catalyst and an hexane suspension. The reaction was run in a beaker with a stir bar and the solution was filtered before taking a spectrum.


Mb/Citrate in Hexane, Trial 1 Image:Mb_Citrate_OPD_H2O2_Hexane_WORKUP_GRAPH.bmp

Mb/Tris in Hexane, Trial 1 Image:Mb_Tris_OPD_H2O2_Hexane_WORKUP_GRAPH.bmp

Mb/Citrate in Hexane, Trial 2 Image:Mb_Citrate_OPD_H2O2_Hexane_RERUN_WORKUP_GRAPH.JPG

Note: A spectrum at 140 minutes was not taken because there was not enough liquid in the beaker. Through out the reaction, there was an oily burnt orange precipitate in the solution.

Mb/Tris in Hexane, Trial 2 Image:Mb_Tris_OPD_H2O2_Hexane_RERUN_WORKUP_GRAPH.JPG

Note: Through out the reaction, there was a oily, almost black precipitate in the solution, similar to that of the acetate from yesterday.

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