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Project Description


  • The overall purpose of this project is to support the development of the Biomaterials Design Laboratory (BDL) in the Chemistry Department at American University. The BDL is a student run and operated advanced laboratory courses in the chemistry department.
  • This notebook supports the development of CHEM581 & CHEM582 (PVOH films for the 2012-2013 academic year)
  • Development of Biological Experimental Chemistry Labs (CHEM571 & CHEM572) is in a separate notebook

Individual Project Tasks

  1. PVOH film preparation
    • Solubility
    • Cross-linking
  2. Adsorption on clay
    • Adsorption of Cu2+ ions
    • Incorporation in films
  3. PVOH film characterization
    • XRD
    • DMA
    • Diffusion


  • Project 1: Film Preparations (August 2012)
  • Project 2: Solution Prep & Equipment Testing (September 2012)

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