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Gels with PGE2 - Collaboration Main project page
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  • Quench oxidation with 6 ul of Ethylene Glycol.
  • 30 min at room temperature with fast stirring;
  • transfer solutions for dialysis membranes;
  • start dialysis (4L of dd H2O; changed 3x first 24 hrs, twice next 3 days);
  • soak the tubes for ~ 30 min before adding the solutions;
  • water changed at 19h25;


  • Both (LF10/60 and LF 20/40) displayed a slighted yellow coloration that became visible when adding sodium periodate - see attached picture

  • Dialysis tubing details
    • 45 mm (flat width); 29 mm (diameter); vol./length= 6.4ml/cm; MWCO: 3500 - Vendor VWR#S632724

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