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Fluorimeter Sensitivity Main project page
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To determine the sensitivity of a fluorimeter using standard concentrations of Ru(bpy)(phen).


  1. Create standard solutions of Ru(bpy)(phen) from a stock solution of 360 μM and acetonitrile as a solvent.
    • 0 μM
    • 20 μM
    • 40 μM
    • 60 μM
    • 80 μM
    • 100 μM
  2. Run solutions through a fluorimeter.


Fluorescence intensity values corrected for the solvent were plotted against the excitation wavelength. At a concentration of around 60 μM, the peaks stop increasing, indicating that the Ru(bpy)(phen) cannot emit any more light.


Ru(bpy)(phen) solutions appeared orange in color, and were visibly darker with increasing concentration.

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