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Conductivity of AuNP Main project page
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To make electrodes to test conductivity of MBP protein fibers containing AuNPs using a four point probe.


  1. Put down conductive epoxy on Teflon surface.
  2. Put palladium wire on epoxy.
  3. Put Pd foil on top of wire and epoxy.
  4. Deposit AuNP-containing protein fibers across foils.


Areas of Pd foil used, from left to right: 35.20 mm2, 41.16 mm2, 40.18 mm2, 38.64 mm2.

Conductive epoxy did not dry overnight.


A four point probe is more accurate than a two point probe because a four point probe uses separate electrodes to carry current and measure voltage, while a two point probe combines them.

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