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Absorbance vs Tris Concentration Main project page
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To continue the experiment performed on 02/01/12 to determine the effects of various concentrations of tris buffer on AuNP absorbance.


  1. Take UV-vis data for various dilutions of tris buffer (pH 10.9)
    • 1 M
    • 500 mM
    • 200 mM
    • 100 mM
    • 75 mM


  • Graph of absorbance vs wavelength for AuNP and different dilutions of tris
Image:Absorbance vs wavelength magnified.jpg

While all concentrations of tris buffer cause a peak shift towards shorter wavelengths, the higher concentrations tended to yield lower absorbance values.

  • Graph of peak absorbance vs -log(ionic strength of tris buffer solution).
Image:Peak absorbance vs -log(ionic strength) 2-14-12.jpg

  • Graph of peak wavelength vs -log(ionic strength of tris buffer solution).
Image:Peak wavelength vs -log(ionic strength) 2-14-12.jpg


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