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Ionic Strength Effects of Tris Main project page
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To determine the effects of ionic strength on AuNP solution and to continue to take UV-vis data over time of 70 Au/BSA solution synthesized on 01/31/11.


  1. Add 0.1 mL of tris buffer of varying dilutions (below) to 0.9 mL of AuNP.
    • 0.05 mM
    • 0.5 mM
    • 5.0 mM
    • 50 mM
    • 100 mM
    • 200 mM
    • 500 mM
    • 1 M


  • Graph of absorbance vs wavelength for AuNP + varying dilutions of tris buffer:
Image:Absorbance vs wavelength 2-22-12.png

Additions of concentrations of tris 50 mM or above causes an increase in absorbance and a small blue shift in peak wavelength.

  • Graph of absorbance vs wavelength over time for the 70 Au/BSA solution synthesized on 01/31/11.
Image:Absorbance vs wavelength over time week 4.png
Image:Peak absorbance vs time week 4.png

Absorbance values continue to increase over time.

Image:Peak wavelength vs time week 4.png

However, peak wavelength has leveled off.


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