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Effect of Tris Buffer on Protein Fibers III Main project page
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To take UV-vis data of tris + 50 mM tris buffer (pH 10.1) mixed on 02/15/12.


  1. Centrifuge AuNP fibers + 50 mM tris solution made on 02/15/12 at 13200 rpm for 10 min.
  2. Take UV-vis absorption data.
  3. Compare data to that obtained on 02/15/12 and 02/21/12.


  • Graph of absorbance vs wavelength over time for the AuNP fibers + 50 mM tris after centrifuge:
Image:Absorbance vs wavelength magnified 2-28-12.png

Overall absorbance decreased this week, however it appears that the peak wavelength has continued to shift lightly towards shorter wavelengths.


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