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To form zein protein filaments through the use of BSA conjugated nanoparticles


  1. A 90% ethanol solution with a total volume of 10 mL was made by mixing 9 mL or ethanol with 1 mL of H2O.
  2. A solution for the film containing zein (10% w/v) and glycerol (30% of zein weight) was made by mixing 1 g of zein and 0.3 mL of glycerol.
  3. The 90% ethanol solution was added to the film so that the total volume was 10 mL. The solution was mixed by pipetting.
  4. 5 grams of the solution was placed on the bottom of a labeled Petri dish with a 9 cm diameter.
  5. The Petri dish was placed in an oven set to 37°C for 24 hours.



Film after 24 hours in the oven.


The density of the glycerol was used to determine the volume of glycerol that was added to the zein protein.

0.3 g glycerol x 1 ml/1.261 g = 0.238 ml glycerol

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