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To determine the sensitivity of a fluorimeter by using standard concentrations of RU(bpy)(phen) in acetonitrile


  1. 3 mL standards of Ru(bpy)(phen) in acetonitrile were prepared with concentrations ranging from 0 to 35 μM
  2. The solutions were placed in the fluorimeter and the intensities were determined.


The following concentrations of Ru(bpy)(phen) and acetonitrile were used to prepare the standards. Image:October_4_Ru(bpy)(Phen)_concentrations.png

The spectrum of intensities was graphed for each concentration. The intensities recorded by the fluorimeter were corrected with the intensities for pure acetonitrile.


Excel was then used to determine the integrated intensities of each standard.




The color of the Ru(bpy)(phen)solutions became increasingly more orange as the concentrations increased.

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