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To make four point probes to test the conductivity of the purple fibers previously made


  1. Four spots of conductive epoxy were placed on a square of Teflon surface to glue down four short pieces of wire.
  2. A rectangular palladium lead was placed on top of each piece of wire.
  3. The four point probe was allowed to dry overnight


Dimensions of the palladium leads from left to right:

  1. 6.5mm by 2.7 mm - 17.55 mm2
  2. 7.3 mm by 3.4 mm - 24.83 mm2
  3. 5.4 mm by 4.8 mm - 25.92 mm2
  4. 7.0 mm by 3.1 mm - 21.7 mm2


  • The four point probe did not dry overnight

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