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Experimental Goals

  1. Perform an Immunoprecipitation of iNOS/NOS2 from LPS +/- IFNg stimulated cell lysates.
  2. Preparation of 8% PAGE running gel.

Part One: IP of iNOS/NOS2

  • Volumes of RIPA buffer required for IP. (See previous entry for calculation of volumes.)
  • I am student A, Sunny is Student B, therefore the samples are divided as follows:
Experimenter Sample Number Sample Volume of sample required (µL) Volume of RIPA buffer needed (µL)
Eric124 hr (+) LPS64.9285.1
Eric248 hr (+) LPS74.7275.3
Eric372 hr (+) LPS97.9252.1
Eric424 hr (+) LPS (+) IFNg92.6257.4
Eric548 hr (+) LPS (+) IFNg128.8221.2
Eric672 hr (+) LPS (+) IFNg62.5287.5
Sunny724 hr (+) IFNg34.9315.1
Sunny848 hr (+) IFNg40.3309.7
Sunny972 hr (+) IFNg350.00.0
Sunny1024 hr control34.2315.8
Sunny1148 hr control35.6314.4
Sunny1272 hr control34.2315.8

Part Two: 8% Acrylamide Gel

  • Done with no problems encountered.

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