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Canada in distress..

The second day following the spraying of unidentified mists over the city, sky remains completely cloudy (overcast) and relative outdoor humidity (rH) is around 100%!

Microscopic droplets of "rain-like" liquid also replaced snow, thus implying a green house like effect using artificial clouds condensation nuclei (CCN) producing solvents. (research)

It is unsure how theses climatic phenomenons may be stopped without urgent scientific moratorium and public debacle on the effects of such geoengineering experiments, and in particular for major public health issues!

Thus, the climate tampering and related bioterrorism-like research, MUST be stopped to stop further damage to impacted ecosystems..

Censorship of public science or moratorium ?

  • Thinking about it, how ridiculous the moratorium on H1N1 research is when no scientific investigation is done on climate geoengineering!

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