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"Partly cloudy"

Someone tell me why I mind myself doing this "research" project? It doesn't even get me a dime and it makes me look stupid attempting to create interests and active participation in Open Science over Open Bioterrorism and Synthetic Mediocrity.

Plus, why attempting to learn something out from Synthetic Biology unless we have a full lab for "live" in-vitro experiments involving lab-made proteins biosynthesis ? Does this has anything doing with next generation pharmacological applications unless to manipulate/tamper human DNA genome?

Anyways, just saying.. :-)

relative humidity today is 70%.

Keywords: x(DNA)v, nucleotides, SB, Bioterrorism, H1N1 vaccine, H5N1 virus, tr(H3N2)v, CCN, DMSO, organic solvents, schizophrenia, cloud seeding, gene therapy, etc, glycine, glycolysis...

Cognitive dissonance and impairment linked to Positive Schizophrenia like symptoms, Glucose rich diet promoted excitotoxicity? (research)

Supporting evidences/data:

  • "One of the major deficits in schizophrenia, documented by a number of investigators over the years, is the general inability of patients to filter incoming external sensory information efficiently (11)." LINK
  • Glutamate alterations deregulating Dopamine/Serotonin over a extended period (XXX impaired insulin sensitivity?)
  • Primitive CB1 receptor sensitivity to GABA/Glutamic acid and agonists compounds (Glycine?)

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