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Intracellular anandamide trafficking as a promoter of neural differentiation acting through selective CB1 binding

The maturation of neural stem cells via fatty-acid binding proteins (FABPs) signaling may require anandamide as a promoter of CB1-dependent neural differentiation. [1]

Differentiation of hippocampal stem cells with synaptamide is induced by intracellular and selective CB1 receptor binding to anandamide. [2]


  • Allosteric activation of PPAR-RXR heterodimer by anandamide (CB1/TRPV1 receptors) facilitate hippocampal neurogenesis.
  • Intracellular FABP5 expression result in anandamide trafficking of heteromeric CB1 receptor.
  • Adenosine antagonism potentiate organized trafficking of anandamide via heteromization of CB1 receptor.

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  1. [Paper1]
    Type-1 (CB1) Cannabinoid Receptor Promotes Neuronal Differentiation and Maturation of Neural Stem Cells



    Intracellular cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors are activated by anandamide.

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