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Last updated February/10/2008



This devise is very simple and I bet it will be very robust. This is the oscillator I'm developing now for the iGEM 2008. You might notice that <bbpart>BBa_I1762001</bbpart> don't exist yet... this is because I intend to assemble it as the first mexican biobrick.

The simulation of this devise will be soon.

Cl lam luxl ________ luxr_________luxPL ________ tetR_________tetR _______ Cl lam_______ aiiA EYFP
Image:Prom.JPG Image:RCT.JPG Image:Prom.JPG Image:INV.JPG Image:INV.JPG Image:RC_.JPG Image:RC_.JPG Image:RET.JPG
<bbpart>R0051</bbpart> <bbpart>F1610</bbpart> <bbpart>J23119</bbpart> <bbpart>I1762001</bbpart> <bbpart>Q04400</bbpart> <bbpart>S0103</bbpart> <bbpart>C0260</bbpart> <bbpart>E0430</bbpart>

I want LuxR to be present on the cells all the time so I in the construction it's regulated by a constitutive promoter but it seems that C0062 don't have LVA tag... the data at the registry for this biobrick is confusing but if that part actually don't have the tag I would be able to put it under the control of Cl without any problem.

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