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Contact Info

Florian Klemm (an artistic interpretation)
Florian Klemm (an artistic interpretation)
  • Florian Klemm
  • Georg-August-University of Goettingen
  • Robert Koch street 40
  • Dept. of Hematology Oncology
  • Goettingen, Germany
  • Email me through OpenWetWare

I work in the Binder Lab at Georg August University of Goettingen.


  • 2006, MD, University of Goettingen

Research interests

  1. Cancer: Invasion and Metastasis


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  1. Error fetching PMID 16569699: [Paper1]
    Showing that Wnt-5a is involved in Macrophage driven invasiveness of tumor cells

  2. Error fetching PMID 16002723: [Paper2]
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