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First, we are going to begin the protein expression experiment. So we are going to prepare the solutions in which bacteria will grow up. Secondly, we are going to investigate on gold NPs again, trying to control fibers and purple solution formation.


  • Gold NPs synthesis:
  1. Tube 1: 0.5ml of BSA (30µM) + 0.5ml of HAuCl4 (4.17mM) + 9ml of water
  2. Tube 2: 0.5ml of BSA + 1ml of HAuCl4 + 8.5ml of water
  3. Leave the tube 1 in the oven at 80°C for 2 hours
  4. Leave the tube 2 in the oven at 80°C and remove it every 30 minutes
  • Protein expression: we prepared four medium solutions following this protocol:
  1. Add 10g tryptone + 5g yeast extract + 2g glucose/L
  2. Add 1L of water
  3. Autoclave liquid cycle


In the tube 1 we succeeded in forming purple fibers. However we obtained in tube 2 grey/dark aggregate on the top of the tube.

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